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Get Your Fitness On With CrossFit Workouts

“When you walk into CrossFit Bloomfield for your first time, you’ll have no idea of what you’ll accomplish here. When you say you can’t, I’ll say, yes you can. While you may not be able to do certain things right now, you will learn progressions to move forward, little by little. I will work closely with you until you achieve your goals. And, when you do, we both will celebrate.” - Coach Jordan Levin

Ready to Look and Feel Incredible?

Ready to become excited and challenged physically, mentally and emotionally? Welcome to CrossFit Bloomfield, located off of Franklin Road in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Based on the nationally-renowned CrossFit Brand, each CrossFit workout at CFB combines cardio, gymnastics, and weight-lifting while building your core strength.

Imagine a new, innovative CrossFit workout session customized to your fitness level. You will accept fitness challenges that you initially feel are impossible, which in time you will master… leading you towards other new opportunities in your life.

Embrace Your Power and Make Things Happen

CFB’s group personal training sessions are customized for each member without the high cost of personal training. Coach Jordan Levin, a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast trained by a pro-football player in his younger years, coaches and motivates you with enthusiasm. His touching personal story will motivate you in your life.

Beginners to Olympians

Your CrossFit workout is strategically based on your level/ability, goals, and any health concerns you have. Everyone from adults to children to teens benefits, and CFB offers individual and family (plans) as well as personalized, one-on-one coaching.

Coach Levin coaches anyone from grandparents to Olympians. Since CrossFit Bloomfield is a program that can be modified, everyone can train at his or her own fitness level in order to enjoy and benefit from CFB.

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