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  “Strength is the ability to produce force, and it is possibly the most important component in athletics. It is dependent on muscle mass, on the nerves that make the muscles fire, and on the will that fires the nerves. Power depends on it, as does balance, coordination, speed, quickness, and endurance .” Strong Enough?, Mark […]

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July Member of the Month: Ramzi El-Achkar

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Age and Occupation?  54, Franchise co-owner of 12 store-chain GNC stores. How long have you been doing CrossFit?  54 months! (4 years 6 months) Why do you CrossFit?  I may not be so young, but CrossFit It makes me feel like a teenager! I may not be so strong, but CrossFit makes me feel invincible […]

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Squat Deep

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The squat is a highly effective compound movement, and the ability to execute a deep, perfect squat is an excellent indicator of midline stability, glute activation and hip, ankle and thoracic mobility. It is a whole body movement with rewards that extend well beyond just leg strength. I love deep, heavy squats very much, but […]

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Monday Meals: Bacon Wrapped Dates

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I made these bacon wrapped dates for a Fourth of July party on the weekend and they were a hit. Even a non-pork-eating friend tried and loved them. These are best served warm or at room temperature, so if you make them early and store them in the fridge, warm them up in the oven […]

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Training Versus Testing

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My love of the sport of CrossFit and belief in its value as a general physical preparedness program has only increased with time. I believe the reason why CrossFit is so addictive is its competitiveness and the ‘whiteboard mentality’. People love to compare themselves with others and the friendly competition that exists within boxes is […]

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Monday Meals: Paleo Nut-Free Double Choc Brownies

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Even if you maintain a healthy diet, everyone needs a rich, fudgey brownie on occasion. These should definitely be considered a sometimes food, but they are dairy, gluten and grain-free, with the added bonus of being nut-free too. I have always used an almond butter base for my brownies, but recently came up with this […]

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The Importance of a Training Log

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If you’re serious about your training, you need to keep a training log. Record every training session and over time, you will be able to observe what patterns lead you to increased strength and fitness, and what results in plateaus and overtraining. A record Even if you’ve got a great memory, keeping your weights and […]

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Monday Meals: Moroccan Lamb Meatballs

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Image courtesy of Jo Cooks These meatballs are the perfect balance of spicy, savoury and sweet. They are make a great finger food to bring along to a party, just serve with toothpicks. You can also serve them as a meal, paired with a salad and baba ghanoush (watch out for my recipe next week.) Lamb is […]

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Video Tip: Scapular Wall Slides

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Why You Should Compete

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Jordan, Bobby, Nick, David, Josh, Jason and Derrik are competing at the MCCF Open this Saturday, so with that in mind I thought I would share a few reasons why everyone should compete in CrossFit competitions. Rookie or veteran, young or old, super fit or not, there are competitions in the area tailored towards everyone, so […]

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