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Monday Meals: Sriracha Pulled Chicken and Sweet Potato Boats

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Sweet potato and Sriracha. Two of my favorite ingredients. My eyes are immediately drawn to them when they appear on menus. I could eat sweet potato fries dipped in Srirachannaise all day. Yes, that’s a thing. I had it on a burger just last night at Republica in Berkley. It was as great as it […]

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Video Tip 10: Number 1 Tight Traps Fix

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Celebrate the Small Gains

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We have lofty goals at CrossFit Bloomfield. We strive to be the best versions of ourselves. We want to challenge our bodies to do things that might at first seem impossible. We aim to push, pull, lift, swing, squat, sweat and move more, every day. We utilize whole body, core-to-extremity, functional movements that are highly […]

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Monday Meals: Turmeric Tea

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Image by Marks Daily Apple Turmeric tea, often labelled ‘Golden Milk’, is a wonderfully warming, slightly spicy and sweet beverage, containing a host of ingredients that are praised for their health benefits. Here’s a quick rundown of the ingredients list and their uses as natural remedies. Turmeric is lauded for it’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. […]

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Video Tip 9: Wrist Mobility

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The Lowdown on the Cool Down

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We arrive early to class to foam roll and stretch. We take a solid 15 minutes warming up, doing pass-throughs, inchworms and spidermans. We take our time on the skill, slowly increasing the weight on the barbell. Before the WOD, we try out our working weights and think over strategies. Then there’s 5-20 minutes of […]

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Video Tip 8: Barbell Biceps Mash

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Monday Meals: High Protein Chia Bircher Muesli

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Image by Sala Kannan This breakfast is a staple in our household. During my Sunday afternoon food prep, I make two tubs, which I then portion out Monday through Friday for my husband and I. You can also prepare a bowl for the next day each night after dinner. I top each breakfast bowl with […]

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We Don’t Do Abs, We Do Midline Stabilization 

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Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder and CEO, was quoted saying “We don’t do abs, we do midline stabilization.” It sounds kind of snobby and elitist, but really, Glassman is making an important distinction. Your ‘midline’ does not just include your abdominals, or six-pack muscles. In reality, ‘core strength’ means spinal stability, and this goes far beyond […]

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April Member of the Month: Amy Davis

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Okay, so I will start out with a confession.  When I first received the January newsletter that included the CFB Member of the Month, my initial reaction was that this was sort of a silly designation and I hoped that I would not be picked for this distinction.  (Sorry Georgia, Hillary and Jordan!)   However, I […]

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