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Video Tip: Wrist Stretch with Band

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Gym Bag Essentials

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While all you really need is your body and a good attitude to get a great workout, here is a list of a few items that are nice to have on hand at CrossFit. Come prepared with a well-stocked gym bag and you will be ready for whatever we throw at you. Water Hydration is […]

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Lemon Coconut Truffles

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Looking for a healthy summer dessert? Try out these lemon coconut truffles. They are the perfect balance of tangy, creamy and sweet. I brought along a batch to our Memorial Day Feast last week. You could also roll these in chia seeds or finely chopped almonds or macadamias for a little more texture. Lime would […]

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Video Tip: Dumbbell Quad Roll Out

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CrossFit Box Etiquette

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Cheer for the last man standing (and stick around for the cool down) Nothing helps me out more on a tough WOD than having someone stand beside me, telling me to pick up the bar when I don’t want to. If you finish your WOD before others, help them get to the end by cheering […]

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A Healthy Memorial Day Feast

Posted by on May 26, 2015 with 1 Comments

It can be easy to use holidays as an excuse to forget about healthy eating and just indulge. Personally, I think it’s important to forget about macronutrient ratios and sugar content occasionally. However, Hillary’s Memorial Day Feast was proof that you can meet your health goals while eating a delicious, anti-inflammatory meal. She was kind enough […]

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Video Tip: Foam Roller Thoracic Extension

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Kyphosis and Thoracic Mobility

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In today’s post, I’m taking a brief look at kyphosis, and the role of thoracic mobility in quality movement. When you look at the spine from side on, you will observe a series of curves. The cervical spine (neck) and the lumbar spine (lower back) naturally curve inward, called lordosis. The thoracic spine (upper back) naturally […]

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Monday Meals: Matcha Green Protein Smoothie

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Green smoothies are probably the most convenient way to consume whole bunch of nutrients, fast. As a plus, if you get the right balance of greens and fruit, they are also delicious. They make a great breakfast or snack on the run, and you cover all your macronutrient bases with this recipe. Recently, I have been […]

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Ankle Mobility

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Do your feet turn out excessively or cave in when you squat? Do you dip forward on your toes rather than driving through the heels when you jerk? Do your heels come off the ground when you do wall balls? A deficit in ankle mobility is the likely culprit of these common movement faults. Because […]

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