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Video Tip: The Jefferson Curl

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We typically work on bracing and keeping the spine neutral, bending at the hip while the back stays flat. As important as that is, we have to also work on moving the spine through full, natural range of motion and building strength in positions other than just neutral. The Jefferson Curl is also an excellent […]

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Bad Days Can Still Be Productive Days

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Bad days are an unavoidable part of training. You’ve been following a program consistently, your sleep is excellent, your diet is clean and you feel fitter than ever before. Then out of the blue, you walk into the gym and everything goes wrong. Training sessions, like life, don’t always go to plan. One day, that […]

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Voodoo Floss Magic

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Voodoo Floss… is it as magic as it sounds? If your definition of magic is increased range of motion, improved joint mechanics, reduced pain and increased recovery, then it might just be. There is a bit of mystery behind the magic though, and there are a variety of theories to explain why people get such […]

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August Member of the Month: Lisa Fish

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1. Age and Occupation? I will be turning 41 on 8/27/15 and I am a School Social Worker 2. How long have you been doing CrossFit? I have been at CFB for 10 months (I think!) 3. Why do you CrossFit? I do CrossFit because I absolutely love the challenges each time I go. I’m […]

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Video Tip: Shoulder Flexion Stretch

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  A great stretch for those that struggle to get the bar directly overhead and achieve that ‘head through the window’ position. Hold a light bar with hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Press overhead and pull the arms behind the head while leaning forward. Do not arch the lower back. If you cannot sit cross-legged […]

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It’s All Relative

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I have a vivid memory from one of my first CrossFit classes. The skill was front squats, and we were required to take the bar from the floor. I picked up my 55lb bar and tried to heave it to my shoulders, but could not pull it higher than my chest. I tried and failed […]

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CFB Community

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Recently at CrossFit Bloomfield, I have observed something incredibly powerful. Our community is constantly evolving, people come and go, and class dynamics are always changing. Our community is not a closed circle, we are constantly welcoming new members. As a coach, observing how you interact is one of my favorite parts of the job, and […]

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New Program: Bloomfield Barbell Club

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New Program: Bloomfield Barbell Club Strength provides the foundation for increasing overall physical capacity. Strength is force production, and increasing it has positive impacts on all aspects of fitness and our quality of life. The CrossFit world is increasingly recognizing and embracing the importance of dedicated strength training, and producing better athletes as a consequence. […]

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Monday Meals: Crispy Skin Salmon

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  Salmon is a great, healthy protein to pair with a salad or vegetable side for a simple but delicious dinner. In my house, we love to pair it with homemade pesto and zucchini noodles. It is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. The […]

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  “Strength is the ability to produce force, and it is possibly the most important component in athletics. It is dependent on muscle mass, on the nerves that make the muscles fire, and on the will that fires the nerves. Power depends on it, as does balance, coordination, speed, quickness, and endurance .” Strong Enough?, Mark […]

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