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Teens ages 11-19 — Wanna Be Fit and Lookin’ Good?

Imagine Your Success

Join Jordan Levin and CrossFit Bloomfield for a fun and exciting fitness group that trains and inspires you at your own Fitness level. Whether you’re NEW to working out or a sports/fitness FREAK, come to CrossFit Bloomfield and…

Embrace Your Power

It’s time to inspire yourself to achieve, even if all that you seek is a flat stomach. Feeling it and showing off a lean physique is cool.

At CrossFit Bloomfield, coach Jordan Levin leads you through powerful workouts to learn and master nine movements and develop:

* Endurance
* Stamina
* Strength
* Power
* Speed
* Coordination
* Agility
* Balance
* Accuracy

Translation: You can shop longer and play sports better.

Achieve What Seemed Impossible

At CrossFit Bloomfeld, we scale, or modify, your workouts for your ability. Feel excitement and energy as you get stronger, faster and more confdent. Working out with CFB members, you’ll be encouraged and inspire each other while competing against yourself.

Before you know it, feel the thrill of attaining what seemed impossible – mastering movements way too hard at first, achieving physical prowess, fitting into your favorite jeans, looking good.

Couch Potatoes Just Aren’t Cool

It’s time to get it, lose weight, and feel better about you. Come alone, bring a friend, or attend CrossFit Bloomfield in a group.

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