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Jordans Story

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Excerpt from Michigan State University: Spartan Sagas

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Since the day he was born—three months premature—Jordan Levin has been a fighter.

Although the MSU alumnus was born deaf, his inability to hear wasn’t discovered until more than two years later. Levin taught himself to read lips and, with encouragement from his parents, learned not only to speak, but also to achieve and help others achieve in a world he can’t hear.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in business from Michigan State, Levin pursued a number of entrepreneurial ventures before finding his calling as a motivational speaker and fitness trainer. In addition to running his own fitness business, Levin helps young people overcome challenges to live healthier lives through the charitable organization he founded, the Jordan Levin Childhood Obesity Foundation. He views his role as a life coach who motivates others to become well-rounded individuals.

“I would say that I am someone who has always been relentless,” says Levin. “Someone who has never taken ‘no’ for an answer. Someone who has always been able to push through any obstacle that has ever been set forth in front of me. Someone who has been able to help motivate others to achieve something they thought might have been impossible.”

Levin is the subject of the book We Were Relentless, written by his parents, and of the current documentary Speak for Yourself: The Jordan Levin Story.

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