Martin Hayes

Martin Hayes


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Though I was always active is sports (soccer, volleyball, running, etc), I really only started my fitness lifestyle just after graduating college. This included more focus on sports (beach volleyball), running, hiking, general outdoors, and the addition of ‘just getting into the gym’ (read: weightlifting). My workouts at the time were pretty regimented and intense…similar to my personality. Well…at least I thought they were. Gains in strength, endurance and muscle were easy to make for the first few years and after that I would say they came and went. At the time, I also noticed I really enjoyed getting others (family, friends, anyone who would listen really) involved. I wanted people to be excited and inspired about getting and staying fit and healthy. Years would pass in this mode as I grew my career and family, moved gyms, and even moved to a couple different countries. I never took a break from my fitness goals or helping others….but I finally realized that something was missing.

This was when I was living in Shanghai, China and this is when CrossFit came in. I had first been exposed to CrossFit through seeing some of the competitions online. Some quick research was done and I immediately got my workout crew training similar to CrossFit. About 6 months later, a new CrossFit gym opened nearby and we made the switch! And here’s why CrossFit filled in ‘what was missing’ for me:

  • Constantly trying new things, developing new skills
  • More intense and hard work
  • Technical weightlifting instruction
  • A community of like-minded people trying to better themselves everyday
  • A community to push me
  • A community to inspire me
  • A community to try to inspire
  • Being regularly humbled….and then be motivated to come right back and crush it!
  • Still making gains I never thought possible
  • Positive, can-do attitudes
  • Always learning and always helping others do the same

It’s a way of life I don’t intend to give up, but I will constantly change and improve it.