Sydney Lankford

Sydney Lankford


  • USA Weightlifting Level 1

I first started doing CrossFit my sophomore year of high school in 2011 in my high school’s football coach’s garage.  The reason I started was to get in shape for the upcoming softball season. Before then, I had played soccer and basketball, but quit both sports due to the amount of cardio endurance that was required. The same would eventually happen with CrossFit later that year.

After graduating high school and moving to Toledo to get my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, college life got the best of me and I gained weight from drinking and eating whatever I wanted. It wasn’t until my younger sister would come to the same college my senior year that we started going to CrossFit classes again together. That was the push I needed, and this time it stuck and I stayed consistent.

It was during classes at Glass City CrossFit in Toledo that I found my passion for the Olympic lifts. While I still did the hour long classes occasionally, I often found myself alone on the opposite side of the gym working on my lifting and technique. After graduation, I decided I wanted to get my USA Weightlifting Level 1 certification to teach others who had similar interests in improving their lifts.

I love seeing both new and familiar faces at the gym and I aim to make Olympic Lifting both fun and educational for all who attend!