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An Individualized Approach to Group Fitness

When you start at CrossFit Bloomfield, you will be partnered with a coach who will be your mentor throughout your fitness journey. Our individualized approach to group fitness sets CrossFit Bloomfield apart from other functional fitness gyms.

No Sweat Intro

Day one – you will meet with your coach for a No Sweat Intro. Together, you will discuss where you are today, what truly motivates you, and what is currently holding you back from achieving your goals. Together, you will design your lifecycle in fitness, because we believe that a sustainable and successful training program must have a lifelong plan.

Movement Assessment

Next, your coach will take you through 3 hour-long Movement Assessment sessions. Assessing your movement to identify weaknesses, mobility issues and injury risks is an essential starting point. With this information, your coach will assign you corrective exercises to help you achieve balance. Our Four-Level assessment system places your movement on a continuum that you will strive to move along for the rest of your fitness life.

The best programs are designed upon the best assessments. We love group fitness, but we believe that one size doesn’t fit all. Having detailed record of your balance and function allows us to modify our group program to meet your individual needs. This initial data will allow us to track your progress in the long-term. During these private sessions, your coach will teach you the movement patterns that will help you to thrive in CrossFit class.

Monthly Mentoring Check-Ins

When you graduate to Group Class, your coach will liaise with the rest of our team to ensure that you receive appropriate exercises based on your Movement Assessment. It may be group fitness, but you will look around and see that everyone has their own “best version” of the workout.

Every month, you will meet with your coach for a 30-minute check-in. This is a one-on-one opportunity to:

  • Retest and progress your Movement Assessment level.
  • Prescribe new corrective exercises.
  • Learn new skills and receive accessory programming to address weaknesses.
  • Discuss nutrition and lifestyle guidelines.
  • Analyze goals and lay out new action plans.

Through these monthly check-ins, we can ensure that you continue to progress in the long-term, by giving you the individual attention that you need. You will never get lost in the shuffle, and with the support of your coach-mentor you will define and redefine what ‘fitness’ means to you in 5, 10 and 50 years time.

At CrossFit Bloomfield, we offer the motivation and fun of group fitness, combined with the optimization and individualization of personal training. You’re not just joining a gym. You are forming a relationship with a mentor who will be your advocate, hold you accountable and help you discover your why.

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